Montpelier Rally for Life and Gosnell Movie Saturday, January 26, 2019

Join us for the Annual Rally for Life in Montpelier featuring guest speaker Ann McElihenny. Ann along with her husband, Phelim McAleer, produced the movie Gosnell: The Trial of America’s Biggest Serial Killer, based on the New York Times bestseller book.

The Rally will be followed by the first showing of the Gosnell movie anywhere in Vermont,  at the Capitol Theater in Montpelier beginning at 2:30 pm..

You can view the movie trailer here. The movie is rated PG-13

Details for the Saturday, January 26, 2019 Rally for Life:
*10:00am – Warm up at St. Augustine’s Church Hall with coffee and doughnuts. Everyone welcome.
*10:45am – Gather outside behind City Hall at 10:45am for the March to the Capitol – signs provided by VRLC – those who do not wish to participate in the March are welcome to go directly to the State House and take a seat in House Chambers.
*11:30am – Gather for photo of participants on State House steps.
*Noon – Guest speaker in House Chambers.
*Refreshments to follow in the State House cafeteria ~ bring family and friends ~ there is NO CHARGE to attend, but donations are always welcome.
*Everyone is invited to attend the first showing of Gosnell the Movie in Vermont at the Capital Theater on State Street immediately following the refreshments. Information on how to book your seat will be forthcoming. Tickets will be $10.00 a piece.

Fair and Prayer Kickoff Photos

It’s fair time!

Chittenden County Right to Life Booth at Champlain Valley Expo

Chittenden County Right to Life Booth at Champlain Valley Expo


Addison County Right to Life Booth at the County Fair

Addison County Right to Life Booth at the County Fair


Addison County Right to Life Parading at the County Fair

Addison County Right to Life Parading at the County Fair



Week of Prayer Kickoff

And here’s a great panorama from the Week of Prayer Kickoff

Prayer Kickoff Panorama

Prayer Kickoff Panorama

Thank you to all who have attended the events and to those of you who are participating in the fairs. We’d love to see your photos! Send them to [email protected] with the Who, What, Where and Whens!

Ride for Life 2015

The Ride this year was great! Thanks to all who attended or prayed for the event. Here are some photos you sent in.

Olivia’s Mom was told she would not live….and recommended an abortion…the Ride happens on her birthday weekend each year! Guess the docs were wrong!

Birthday girl Olivia and her Dad

Birthday girl Olivia and her Dad


Rutland Riders Phil and Belva

Rutland Riders Phil and Belva


Classic Cars Join the Riders

Classic Cars Join the Riders


North Troy Riders Phyliss and Tom

North Troy Riders Phyliss and Tom

Urgent! Call your Senators today!


We need you to take URGENT action!

Act 39 is expected to get a vote on the Senate floor at 1 pm Thursday (2/26). And the vote will be very close! We need you to call your Senators at the Statehouse today (Wednesday, 2/25) or early morning Thursday. So there is no time to wait!

The Pro-Suicide groups have already started their calls, and we need to make calls to show that Vermonters do not want this law.

Please read and follow this closely:

  1. First go to and get the names of all your Senators.
  2. Politely call the Sergeant at Arms at the State House:
    1. 802-828-2228 or 800-322-5616
    2. You may get a busy signal, but please keep trying.
  3. You will be asked to give your name and town.
  4. Politely ask for the following message to be delivered to your Senators. The message is “Repeal Act 39 entirely.  Assisted Suicide is not healthcare.”
  5. It is important that you leave a message for each Senator by name.

After you have called

Send this post to all your friends!

And share it on Social Media!
Send emails individually to your Senators
This is less effective than a call but can help support Senators in their Repeal decision. You can find their emails through

Thank you for your help Repealing this Bad Law!

Weather Update: Rally For Life January 17, 2015

Abby JohnsonDue to the weather, those who would like to march to the statehouse are welcome to join the group. Otherwise, you are also welcome to proceed straight to the statehouse and wait for the marchers.

Once the marchers arrive, they will head inside to the House Chambers where all activities will be held. This includes those activities and remarks that usually occur on the Statehouse steps.

Standing Together ~ Defending Life

Updated Schedule for Rally for Life

Saturday, January 17, 2015

9:30 am, a Respect Life Mass will be celebrated prior to the Rally for Life at St. Augustine’s Church in Montpelier.

10:30 AM – Rally Warm Up in the St. Augustine Church Hall (basement). Everyone is welcome to attend.

10:45 AM – If you would like to March, Gather behind City Hall in Montpelier.

  • March down State Street
  • If you would like to wait at the Statehouse instead, you are welcome to do so.

11:00-11:15 AM Move inside the Statehouse to the House Chambers

  • Opening remarks.
  • Proceed to House Chamber in the State House for dynamic pro-life speakers.
  • Enjoy refreshments, fellowship and the latest pro-life information.
  • There is no charge to attend the Rally for Life. Bring family and friends!

Guest Speaker:  Abby Johnson

 Abby Johnson has always had a fierce determination to help women in need. It was this desire that both led Abby to a career with Planned Parenthood, our nation’s largest abortion provider, and caused her to flee the organization and become an outspoken advocate for the pro-life movement.
During her eight years with Planned Parenthood, Abby quickly rose in the organization’s ranks and became a clinic director. She was increasingly disturbed by what she witnessed. Abortion was a product Planned Parenthood was selling, not an unfortunate necessity that they fought to decrease.
All of that changed on September 26, 2009 when Abby was asked to assist with an ultrasound-guided abortion. She watched in horror as a 13 week baby fought, and ultimately lost, its life at the hand of the abortionist. At that moment, the full realization of what abortion was and what she had dedicated her life to washed over Abby and a dramatic transformation took place.
Desperate and confused, Abby sought help from a local pro-life group. She swore that she would begin to advocate for life in the womb and expose abortion for what it truly is.
She is a frequently requested guest on Fox News and a variety of other shows and the author of the nationally best-selling book, Unplanned, which chronicles both her experiences within Planned Parenthood and her dramatic exit.

Saturday, July 12, 2014 ~ Ride for Life Schedules

All times are approximate. Bikers and others who wish to join the Ride for Life can register at the scheduled meeting stops!



9:30 – meet at Home Depot, 299 US Route 4, Rutland

9:45 – leave Home Depot for Planned Parenthood’s abortion clinic at 6 Robert’s Ave in Rutland

10:15 – leave Planned Parenthood for Route 100 North with stop in Randolph for rest stop then Routh 14 to Barre

11:30 –  join all Ride Routes at the Planned Parenthood abortion clinic on Washington Street in Barre

Noon – ride to Montpelier for the State House


* (see below for St. Albans)

8:00 – meet at Community Bible Church at 2025 Williston Road (Route 2) for breakfast

8:45 – leave CBC for Burlington Planned Parenthood – Vermont’s largest abortion clinic – 183 St. Paul Street

9:00 – arrive Burlington Planned Parenthood, Pine Street, for information, prayer and sharing time.

9:30 – leave Burlington Planned Parenthood.

9:40 – arrive PP Headquarters at former GD Plant, again for information, prayer and sharing time.

10:00 – leave Planned Parenthood Headquarters.

10:10 – arrive Cumberland convenience store on Pine St. for rest stop.

10:30 – leave Cumberland convenience store for Barre Planned Parenthood.

11:30 – arrive Barre Planned Parenthood abortion clinic on Washington Street (route TBD by riders due to construction problems/challenges).

Noon – ride to Montpelier for the State House.

St. Albans

*Pro-lifers who are leaving for the Burlington Ride are also planning to pray at the Planned Parenthood clinic on 80 Fairfield Street in St. Albans before meeting at the Community Bible Church. The group will meet at the St. Mary’s parking lot at 7:00 and then head up the street to say prayers in front the St. Alban’s Planned Parenthood! They will leave PP at 7:15am. Please feel free to join them!



9:00 – arrive at St. Mary’s Star of the Sea parking lot on Prospect Street for blessing.

9:30 – arrive at Planned Parenthood on 79 Coventry Street in Newport.

10:00 –  leave Newport for the Planned Parenthood clinic in Hyde Park 213 E Main St, Hyde Park.

10:30 –  leave Hyde Park for Planned Parenthood abortion clinic on Washington Street in Barre

11:30 – arrive in Barre

Noon – Ride to the State House in Montpelier

Lebanon, NH

Glen Page is the director of F.A.I.T.H. Riders from the Newbury VT area. The group hopes to pray first at the Lebanon, New Hampshire Planned Parenthood abortion clinic and then join the ride in Barre before heading to the State House.