Response to Associated Press article: “Feminists for Life chief rallies Vt. abortion foes”

When the President of Feminists for Life Serrin Foster came to the Vermont State House to advocate addressing the unmet needs of pregnant women through practical resources and support for the most vulnerable, a Planned Parenthood of Northern  New England spokeswoman responded by saying “In Vermont, we have great supports for all women who find themselves pregnant.” (“Feminists for Life chief rallies Vt. Abortion Foes,” Associated Press, 1-18-14)

The Guttmacher Institute, Planned Parenthood’s former research arm, tells another story.  As Ms. Foster pointed out in her speech at the Vermont State Chamber during the Vermont Right to Life’s Rally for Life, 75% of those who have had an abortion say their employer or school do not accommodate mothers, 69% are economically disadvantaged, 61% are already mothers, and 44% are college age.

Furthermore, students who gathered to hear Foster the day before at the University of Vermont had no idea there were any resources. Perhaps that explains why they knew of only one student who graduated while having a baby.

The Democratic Party also recognized the unmet needs of pregnant women in their platform statement, and the Department of Health and Human Services is awarding Pregnancy Assistance Grants through the states to create programs for pregnant college students–including birthmothers–inspired by Feminists for Life’s bridge-building work on college campuses.

Foster put it this way, “Women deserve better.”