Democrat-led House Approves Unrestricted Abortion Bill

The Vermont House of Representatives voted overwhelmingly in favor of H.57,  the unrestricted abortion Bill. H.57 now moves to the Senate.

Mary Hahn Beerworth, VRLC Executive Director commented:

“It is official. The Vermont Democrat Party now holds the dubious distinction of being the party of unlimited, unrestricted and unregulated abortion-on-demand throughout pregnancy. Common sense amendments to protect minor girls, to limit abortions on unborn babies in the later stages of development, to provide informed consent (including alternatives to abortion), to providing regulation and inspection of abortion clinics, and other amendments, all went down to defeat by a Democrat-led, super-majority in the House.  Pro-abortion legislators walked in lock step with Planned Parenthood and the ACLU as they read on the House floor the talking points that were rather obviously provided to them by both pro-abortion organizations. The legislators who fought against H. 57 included both pro-life and pro-choice members of the Vermont House of Representatives.  Rep. Bob Bancroft, of Westford, identifies himself as pro-choice. But the fact that H 57 lacked any concern for young girls and women, or any concern for a viable unborn baby, compelled him to offer over eight amendments to the abortion bill.”

You can see the results of the final roll-call vote here. Please thank those who fought long and hard against H.57, in an attempt to represent not just pro-life Vermonters, but also pro-choice Vermonters who hope to strike a balance between the rights of the mother and the rights of a developing human being.

The vote in Vermont is attracting national attention. See here.

One notable amendment offered was to codify in State law a ban on the partial-birth abortion procedure – a second and third trimester procedure so gruesome that the U.S. Congress enacted a Federal Ban. That ban was challenged by Planned Parenthood but upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court. The amendment offered to H.57, which mirrored the Federal ban, was defeated by the Vermont House on a roll-call vote that can be viewed here

Many other amendments were offered, including parental notification and fetal homicide provisions. The Bill now goes to the Senate for consideration. Be sure to contact your Senators and ask them to vote NO on H.57.

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