Help Stop Assisted Suicides – Ask Your Physician Important Questions

Will your physician promote the provision of excellent health care in an ethical manner? Or will your physician write a prescription for a lethal dose for patients now that it is legal to do so in Vermont?

Promoters of doctor-prescribed suicide are encouraging doctors to write a lethal prescription for patients who have been diagnosed with 6 months to live.  We know their real motive is normalize the taking a lethal dose as just another “end-of-life choice” and that many consider Act 39 a way to control the cost of health care by encouraging people to end their lives.

Pro-lifers should consider asking their physician the following questions:

  • Would you prescribe a lethal dose to a patient who has been diagnosed with 6 months to live now that it is legal to do so under Vermont law?
  • Would you suggest that a patient who is diagnosed with 6 months to live consider taking a lethal dose to end their lives?
  • What would you do if a patient asked you to prescribe a lethal dose?

Please write down what your doctor shares with you. If your doctor would prescribe a lethal dose, please consider sharing that information with Vermont Right to Life.  If your doctor would not participate, please also let us know. VRLC will be attempting to connect pro-life supporters with those physicians who can be trusted to offer the best health care and to value the lives of their patients.