Protect Yourself and Your Loved Ones Order the NEW Vermont Protective Medical Decisions Document

As you know, a newly enacted Vermont law allows doctors to prescribe a lethal dose of drugs for  patients who have been diagnosed as terminally ill,

It is important to know that physicians who promote doctor-prescribed suicide can and will influence a patient’s “choice” to commit suicide by presenting a lethal dose as an option that is equal to  life-extending treatment, comfort care, and excellent palliative care. If a lethal dose is offered to terminally ill patients, especially when such patients are experiencing depression, the chances are increased that  such patients will feel pressured to end their own lives.

Because of this, Vermont Right to Life wants you to know about the Vermont Protective Medical Decisions Document (VT PMDD), a durable power of attorney produced by the Patients Rights Council. The VT PMMD specifically states that the signer does not wish to have his or her  life ended by “assisted suicide or euthanasia” and adds an important additional provision.  That additional provision states that the signer does not wish to be treated by “any health care provider who prescribes, provides, or promotes doctor-prescribed suicide unless emergency treatment is necessary and no other health care provider can be found.”

That additional provision is very important for residents of Vermont.

Anyone who wants to be treated by only those medical professionals who understand their fundamental role as healers and caregivers can request the VT PMDD free of charge from VRLC.  Write to VRLC at PO Box 1079, Montpelier, VT 05601 or email to [email protected].  The document, which complies with Vermont law, comes with instructions for designating  an agent and for filling out the forms correctly.

If you have elderly parents or grandparents, you may want to share this new legal document for their own protection as well. To obtain copies, you can email or call VRLC at 802-229-4885 or [email protected].