Talk to your senators during Town Meeting


Your Senators need to hear from you during town meeting week.

Thanks in part to you, the Senate voted last week to postpone a vote on a bill related to Act 39, the law that legalized doctor-prescribed suicide, until Wednesday, March 11th. Your Senators are home all of this week for Town Meeting Day and to spend time listening to constituent concerns. Now is the time to call, write or email your Senators at home and urge them to vote to Repeal Act 39 entirely. 

If you are attending your local Town Meeting, try to speak politely to your Senators in person. If you are or are not attending your Town Meeting, please make every effort to contact Senators this week at home. It is important that you say “Repeal the ENTIRE Assisted Suicide law.”

The Pro-Suicide groups will take this break to push their agenda, and we need to continue to show that Vermonters do not want this law.

Please read and follow this closely:

  1. First go to and get the Home Phone numbers for your senators.
  2. Then give them each a polite call at their home number.
  3. You will most likely be asked to give your name and town.
  4. Politely ask your Senators to “Repeal Act 39 ENTIRELY.  Assisted Suicide is not healthcare.”

After you have called

Send this post to all your friends! And share it on Social Media!

Send your legislator a nice letter.
Send emails individually to your Senators

These are less effective than a call but can help support Senators in their Repeal decision. And remember everyone likes to get an old-fashioned letter! You can find their home mailing addresses and emails at

Thank you for your help Repealing this Bad Law!