Franklin County Right to Life

In 2015 alone, Franklin County Right to Life volunteers brought the pro-life message to every corner of the county. As they do each year, the group participated in 2 parades and staffed pro-life booths at both the Vermont Dairy Festival in Enosburg and the Franklin County Field Days. This year, however, the Franklin County Right to Life Chapter also set up and staffed pro-life tables at 5 area Christmas bazaars and craft shows! The response was excellent to the positive message of life. Pictured here are pro-life volunteers Dorothy Bolduc and Bridget Mount.

Franklin Votes for H.57

Supported H.57, the most radical anti-life legislation in the nation.

Barbara Murphy
Charen Fegard
Mike McCarthy

Franklin County RTL Chapter Events Update

These are our Spring/Summer events. Much more to come with Franklin County Right To Life celebrating Christmas!

Upcoming Events

Vermont Dairy Festival

Join us in Enosburg falls for the parade and 3-day festival, Thursday, June 1st to Sunday, June 4th! The parade is Saturday, June 3rd. All are welcome, and we’d love to have you march with us! We will be there with our banners, signs, handouts (stickers, candy, pencils) and our classic cars. We are also blessed to have a priest who will march us and pass out our handouts.

We will have our tent outside, where we will display all of our current pro-life materials. We always have amazing conversations with all who come to pro-life display. And don’t forget we have our FREE baby doll raffle, which has been very useful in drawing people to our tent.

Franklin County Field Days

This is one of our biggest events of the year! This year the Field Days run from Aug. 3rd to Aug. 6th. We have 2 tables to display all of our current pro-life materials. We also have a FREE baby doll raffle, which has been a tremendous draw to our table. We have so many heart-to-heart conversations with our Franklin County People. We are truly blessed to be there.

Recent Events

Vermont Maple Festival Parade

The Vermont Maple Festival Parade was the last weekend of April. We passed out stickers, candy, and pencils. Here we are with our banners, signs, and our classic cars.