Call to Action – Abortion is NOT Family Planning

Call to Action:
Abortion is NOT Family Planning

On August 21, Planned Parenthood of Vermont publicly urged their supporters to thank Governor Phil Scott and the members of the State Legislature for securing approximately $800,000 of Vermont State taxpayer monies. These monies will replace the Federal Title X funds after Planned Parenthood declined to adhere to the new rules clarifying that abortion services be separate from family planning services.

While Planned Parenthood is celebrating their new revenue source from Vermont taxpayers, we ask that you contact Governor Scott’s office and all of your legislators to register your objections. Governor Scott’s office can also be reached by calling

Below are some points you can use in your message:

*I object to the use of my taxpayer dollars being used to support an organization that performs over 90 percent of abortions annually in our state.

*I object to Planned Parenthood’s use of abortion as just another method of family planning.

*I object to my government representatives catering to a powerful special interest group and designating taxpayer dollars to Planned Parenthood over the critical needs of the citizens of the State of Vermont.

*I ask that our state lawmakers reconsider this decision to reject the available Title X Federal Family Planning funds that could responsibly be directed to other health care providers who do not promote or provide abortions.

*I watched with dismay and outrage while the 2019 Legislative Session was dominated by lawmakers who prioritized unlimited, unregulated abortion throughout all nine months of pregnancy, and now expect Vermonters to fund the business of abortion.

*I request a full public accounting of all monies provided to Planned Parenthood in Vermont for the fiscal year 2018, and a full disclosure as to how the 2019 funds will be used.

In 2018 Planned Parenthood facilities performed over 1,100 abortions.

Planned Parenthood was the primary lobbying force behind dual abortion
bills in the 2019 legislative session.

Title X Federal Family Planning Funds ($800,000) referred to above does not include the longstanding allotment from Vermont State funds that Planned Parenthood receives annually. That amount was originally $300,000 but appears to have substantially increased. VRLC is currently researching the Vermont state budget and will provide more information
at a later date.