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Why promote physician-assisted suicide?

The Free Press published this great article, asking the simple question of “Why promote physician-assisted suicide?”  Please go to the Free Press and add your comments to it, and write letters to the editor. From the Burlington Free Press: The aphorism, “He who pays the piper calls the tune” is especially true in politics, as well… Read more »

‘Death with Dignity Act’ finds little support in NH House

CONCORD — The House Thursday soundly rejected legislation that would have allowed a terminally ill patient to seek a lethal prescription from cooperating physicians. Under House Bill 1325, the “Death with Dignity Act,” the patient must have received a prognosis of six months or less to live by two physicians. The vote against the bill was 219-66…. Read more »

Take Action! Ask your Legislators to support the Moratorium!

Ask your legislators at your town meeting to support the Moratorium on Assisted Suicide. VAEH has been quite vocal in this “Legislative Malpractice” and has called for repeal since it was enacted law. Join the fight to protect the lives of the elderly, disabled, sick and weakest amongst us by: Calling your State Senators and… Read more »

VAEH and VCIL call for Assisted Suicide Moratorium

Today (Thursday, February 27th ), the Vermont Alliance for Ethical Healthcare (VAEH) held a joint press conference with the Vermont Center for Independent Living (VCIL) in the Cedar Creek Room at the State House at 1:00pm, on the subject of Act 39, the law that narrowly passed last spring legalizing assisted suicide. It is widely understood that Act… Read more »

Help Stop Assisted Suicides – Ask Your Physician Important Questions

Will your physician promote the provision of excellent health care in an ethical manner? Or will your physician write a prescription for a lethal dose for patients now that it is legal to do so in Vermont? Promoters of doctor-prescribed suicide are encouraging doctors to write a lethal prescription for patients who have been diagnosed… Read more »

Yes, You Can Help Stop Assisted-Suicides! Ask Your Pharmacist and Pharmacy to Decline to Participate in Assisting Suicide

Ask your Pharmacist if he or she intends to fill a prescription for a lethal dose of drugs. Ask if the pharmacy has established a policy relating to assisted-suicide drugs, and request a copy. Express your desire to use a pharmacy that does not participate in assisting suicides. See below for talking points if you… Read more »

Doctor-Prescribed Suicide Law Is “Fatally Flawed” Vermont Organizations Call for Repeal

Vermont Right to Life will join with the Vermont Alliance for Ethical Healthcare and True Dignity Vermont in calling for the repeal of Act 39, the law that has legalized doctor-prescribed suicide.  Here are some of the reasons why Act 39 must be repealed and how it could be accomplished. Legislation to legalize doctor-prescribed suicide… Read more »

Protect Yourself and Your Loved Ones Order the NEW Vermont Protective Medical Decisions Document

As you know, a newly enacted Vermont law allows doctors to prescribe a lethal dose of drugs for  patients who have been diagnosed as terminally ill, It is important to know that physicians who promote doctor-prescribed suicide can and will influence a patient’s “choice” to commit suicide by presenting a lethal dose as an option… Read more »

Watchdog Group Launches Hotline

  True Dignity Vermont has launched an abuse hotline in response to the recently-passed bill that will allow Vermont physicians to prescribe lethal drugs  to terminally ill patients. Individuals who suspect patients of being unduly influenced to request or ingest lethal drugs, or of being given such drugs against their will, can report such concerns… Read more »